10 Dating Tips for the Spineless Youth Addicted to Pornography

by Xingfoo&Roy

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Marla Singer Smokes Winston Reds Music Video www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgsR9zROd6U

Anchor Forever Music Video


released December 26, 2016

Music and lyrics by Xingfoo&Roy
Drums recorded at Snakeweed Studios
Everything else recorded in Dan & Gab’s bedrooms

Mixed by Jerome Chong
Mastered by Sage Audio, Nashville, Tn

Special thanks to Alex Sun for punching yourself

Released on Dec 26 2016
©2016 Xingfoo&Roy All Rights Reserved
Unauthorised duplication is a violation of animal rights
Majulah Singapura, XFR Forever



all rights reserved


Xingfoo&Roy Singapore

Xingfoo&Roy is a three-piece from Singapore.


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Track Name: Life After Death
Smash my brains out
Hope i remember
Don’t push me away just leave me alone
Cos i wanna be happy
or maybe i’m just too greedy

You’re far away, if i could
Track Name: Kahlua
Well I guess
I still have my conscious
Left inside my head
It keeps me awake

And all these songs that make me cry
I still try to sing them alone at night

But I hate who i’ve become
All these knots are left undone

I found my home
Deep inside your soul
It was the blackest form
At least it keeps me warm

And all these songs that I still write
I try to give them
Some sort of life

But I hate who i’ve become
All these knots are left undone

I’m so bored inside my head
I’m sleeping
Track Name: Never Enough
I wear these badges on my sleeve
To remind me of who i’m supposed to be
This time
I look into your lives showed me how to live
And who i’m supposed to be

I dress my life in this hope I can be someone
But my efforts misdirected and i’m back where I started from
When we were young
Let’s watch our plans come undone

I never gave a thought about us growing up
Maybe it’s not that bad
But all these faces they say the same
And all these friends and these feelings are all that I ever had
Track Name: Marla Singer Smokes Winston Reds
When I was younger I was taught to feel
I knew how to be more real
But now we're older and we've all grow up
It's fucked up how we're in this mess together

You're not human
Don't try to be creative
We don't care
Just do as you're told

I want to run, I want to go
Somewhere I can call home
Anywhere but here, any place
But now we could leave this town
Just you and me forever
Forget those tweets
Or those instagram endeavours
Track Name: Paper St.
You are a photocopy
Redrawn like the person on your left and on your right
Not spared from the system
erased from existence
Waking up at 7
Just to go back to sleep at 9

Why do we turn to bottles for security,
Or pills for a false sense of sanity
We fly away just to fly back again
And is your mind always pacing the streets of a distant land

Let’s throw, stones at glass houses so we
Can pretend to be young and free again
Forget about those pills and stop chasing the
Singaporean dream just for a second
Let’s throw ourselves in the ocean
Or is this all we have?

Things will never be the same again
Things will always be different
They should be they have to be Believe me when I say
You’ll be dead before you know it
Track Name: Stay Forever This Way
Misery has a way of finding me
Lost all hope any sense of satiety
But I can't feel, feel you next to me
I can't feel, feel you next to me

It's a seabed of lovers already been lost
Already been forgot it's not enough
Not enough to be let go of

And I can feel your shadow next to me
Wholeheartedly I tried indefinitely
How could I give up my soul for this?
Track Name: Your Sc@b
I've never been more disappointed in me
You could have stopped it you could have
Why'd you think, why'd you think, why'd you only think about yourself
I can't feel my body anymore

It’s not over
I can't promise you that
You've never had her
I can promise you that

These bruises aren't gonna heal
These open wounds are what I am to you
But I really can't expect you to reciprocate these thoughts in my mind
No one's ever alone

Just close your eyes and imagine none of this ever happened to you
You're so scared you're so tired you've had it
Just once more shot and you'll be done with this forever

And now it’s over
I've said my apologies to you
Just one more shot and you'll be fine
I can promise you that
Track Name: Learning Spanish
You said that everything would stay the same
You said that everything would be ok
You said that nothing’s ever going to change
I guess you lied to me and to yourself

Now thing’s are different we’re getting drunk a lot earlier
These vices don’t mean the same as they used to
I’m sure there perfectly good reasoning for all of this
Why don’t you go back home and stick to your curfew

All you do is run away
From your problems from your friends
From the people you’re supposed to make amends with

All you do is run away
It’s time to grow up
You’re not that good at lying anyway
Track Name: Anchor Forever
We can start at 3pm and don’t stop till the next morning
We’d forget our names
So you can be tyler and I’ll be marla
Don’t care about the world let’s just
Be tired and lazy we can think about this tomorrow

Procrastination leads to procreation

With the taste of you on the tip of my tongue
I feel terrible about what my life has become
But it’s good it’s great actually
We can always regret this tomorrow

You’ll be my anchor forever and always

20 missed calls on my iPhone, tweets ignored can I deactivate myself?
I didn’t do this did I? You did this to me!
Now it’s tomorrow and i’m regretting

The feeling of being sober is kind of depressing

You'll be my anchor forever and always
Track Name: So is it Time to Grow Up?
I might be too caught up with my petty problems
To sympathise with your sob stories it’s just
I’m starting to believe that everything we’ve worked for has gone to waste
And all this time we’ve spent together has been a waste of a year

Try harder she said, I can’t feel the effort
Stop lying to your friends about how you’ve got your life sorted
And you’re waiting for the right time
But actually you’re a fucking mess

You don’t have to notice

You don’t have to notice,
But if you’re gonna be afraid just stay under the covers forever